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Taylor Gambell & Seth Demberg — Minted

Taylor Gambell


Seth Demberg

Taylor Gambell and Seth Demberg

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Our Story

The day was March 17th, 2019, Taylor was hard at work running a St Patrick's Day pub crawl, and having met the night previously, Seth was the first to show up. 13 hours later, it was all but decided that Taylor and Seth would spend the next five weeks together. After spending almost every day together, Seth went on a family reunion vacation to Hawaii. After 12 hours, he asked Taylor if she would care to join him. To everyone's surprise, Taylor showed up the next day and spent over a week with Seth's entire family. Needlessly to say, she was immediately a part of the family.

Shortly after that Hawaii trip, Seth, working to get his green card,would be relocated for work to Corpus Christi, Texas. Knowing what the two of them had, neither of them were willing to let it go and decided to go the distance. Luckily it was only a quick three and a half hour drive away. Trading off driving trips, spending every weekend together and weeks together during the pandemic, Taylor and Seth could not be closer while living so far away from one another.

They would make time to go on trips together, the first of which was Winter Park, Colorado. Taylor, who was brand new to skiing, embraced the challenge, the newly discovered winter elements and Seth's Ski School. On the last run of the day, shaking from the snowy and chilly conditions, and maybe just a little fear as Seth didn't realize the snow had now made the blue square a powdery mogul run, Taylor sat stuck in the snow. Seth pronounced his love while Taylor stood there frozen, quite literally. Once they made it down safely, Taylor, suddenly realizing that in her adrenaline rush surge down the run that she said I had forgotten to say it back. At the bottom of the mountain, she confessed her feelings and the rest is history.

After eighteen months in Corpus Christi, Seth was on the move again, this time to Albuquerque, New Mexico. While the Burque was a bit farther than Corpus, Taylor and Seth continued to make it work and NM did give Taylor and Seth new chances to explore. A typical drive through the flat plains of Texas, could now be replaced with a much more scenic view through the mountains. Skiing, hiking, and heaps of amazing food were never in short supply.

Their last ski trip of the 21-22 season would be back in Winter Park, CO. Taylor and Seth made their way to the top of the mountain for lunch and make their way down a beautiful snow dusted sous-bois. After following Seth and watching him go flying though the air, Full send and Yard Sale, Taylor came to his aid. While Taylor helped Seth rise to his feet, Seth pulled out the ring and asked Taylor to be together forever. With perfect form, Taylor tackled Seth to the snow and the two embraced in their love of one another and the life they would now be building together.

Taylor and Seth show that through good times, hard times, distance and climates, true love conquers all.